Analyse wildlife pictures and contribute to important research!

Across the entire Park we have placed 70 cameras that continuously take pictures of the wildlife that passes by. These pictures are used for research on for instance the behavior, location and prevalence of the animals and this helps us to monitor the biodiversity in the Park. Combined, these cameras provide us with over a million pictures a year. With such a vast amount of data, we urgently need your help in identifying which type of animal can be seen on the picture, how many there are, and the type of behavior they are showcasing.

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And the best part is: anybody can join! It does not matter if you have little knowledge on wildlife or have never been to the National Park. The visitor of the website is guided by means of a tutorial to identify the animals on the pictures correctly. Additionally, the website has space for talking with other volunteers and asking questions to wildlife experts. 

In this way you not only contribute to important ecological research, but you also get a chance to learn more about the wildlife in the Park. The more animals you identify on the pictures, the quicker you become an expert on the fauna in National Park The Hoge Veluwe. Maybe you will even feel inspired to come visit us with your newfound knowledge and get to see the animals in the wild! As a way of expressing our gratitude, we give away 100 free entrance tickets for the Park and a tour with a Park ranger by randomly selecting among the most active Snapshot volunteers every half year.   

Ready to start? Click on the photo above to take you to the project page and start classifying pictures!

Begin met Snapshot Snapshot blog

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