Black woodpecker


The black woodpecker is a mysterious forest dweller.

This is largely due to its reclusive nature. The black woodpecker is an important bird in the entire ecosystem of European forests. Each year, it creates a new nest in the thick deciduous trees. These nests create shelters for pine martens, tawny owls, and dozens of other species.

Black woodpeckers are naturally timid, flying off as soon as they spot humans. They try to remain unseen by hiding behind trees. As you walk through the forest, the bird will rotate around the tree to avoid being seen.

In males, the entire crown is red whereas in females only the top hindcrown is red.

The black woodpecker can be found in old forests with a large proportion of deciduous trees and dead wood. Their primary food source is carpenter ants. They find these by boring holes into the bark of dead trees.

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